The Sun Sets on New ‘Logan’ IMAX Poster

Logan doesn’t arrive in cinemas until next month but fans have been given a new look at the final Wolverine film thanks to a new poster courtesy of IMAX. The poster, which was created by freelance illustrator Dave Rapoza, features Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Patrick Stewart as Professor X, Dafne Keen as X-23 and Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce. Absent from the poster are Stephen Merchant who will play the mutant Caliban and the mysterious Dr. Zander Rice, played by Richard E. Grant.

The poster gives off a strong western vibe with its warm colour palette and looming sunset. Both Wolverine and X-23 have their claws popped and look ready for a fight. While the sunset might merely be a reference to the film’s obvious western influences it might also signify the end of an era with this being the last film to feature Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. We’ve already had one death teased in the trailers, is it possible that the sun is setting on Logan in more ways that one?

This isn’t the first piece of Wolverine related art Dave Rapoza has produced. His portfolio features some great work centred around the hot headed Canadian and his fellow X-Men. As well as producing his own comics StarViel and Steve Lichman Rapoza has also worked on several other notable projects including the Waxwork Record’s release of The Warriors soundtrack.

Logan follows Wolverine who in the near future, cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But his attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces.Wolverine, being Wolverine, must use his unique skills to protect this mysterious young girl and save her from suffering the same fate as himself. The film promises a much darked and more grounded look at the character, who Hugh Jackman has portrayed on screen for the last 17 years. Here’s hoping that Logan will be the send off he and the character both deserve.

Logan will be released on March 3rd 2017. Directed by James Mangold (The Wolverine) it stars Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant and Richard E. Grant.


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