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Lucia Montclair - Travel Mug

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Lucia Montclair - Travel Mug

Lucia Montclair - Travel Mug

Embrace the retro-modern fusion with our vibrant canvas! This piece merges bold geometric patterns with 1960s comic pop art influences, featuring a limited color palette of four hues, with prominent shades of orange and blue. Embodying a collage aesthetic, it includes blocky lines and shapes, boasting elements like dot patterns, bold outlines, and dynamic expressions reminiscent of vintage comic strips. Stylized men and women are integrated into the geometric framework, enhancing the overall visual impact with clear outlines and the defined color scheme. Step into a world where history meets contemporary design in this striking art piece. #GeometricArt #PopArt #1960sInspired #ComicArt #ModernDesign #RetroModern #VibrantColors #CanvasArt #HomeDecor #ContemporaryArt

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